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LA 4602-A
Shaft & universal joint assy (drive)-60-5/8" long overall length
LE 4602-A
Shaft & universal joint assy-(drive)-58-13/32" long overall length
Nut (hex)-5/16"-24
8A 4616
Cup (rear axle driving pinion brg. )-front-2-7/8" O. D. x 7/8" wide
8M 4621
Cone & roller assembly (rear axle driving pinion)-front
8L 4628
Cup (rear axle driving pinion brg. )-rear-3-3/8" O. D. x 15/16" wide
8L 4630
Cone & roller assy (rear axle driving pinion bearing)-rear
8M 4670
Slinger (driving pinion shaft oil)
MC 4670-A
Slinger (driving pinion shaft oil)
8M 4671
Gasket (driving pinion oil seal)-Paper-2-3/4" I. D. x 3-9/64" O. D.
x . 030"/. 040" thick
8M 4672-A
Shim (driving pinion front bearing adj. )-. 003" thick
8M 4672-B
Shim (driving pinion front bearing adj. )-. 005" thick
8M 4672-C
Shim (driving pinion front bearing adj. )-. 010" thick
8M 4672-D
Shim (driving pinion front bearing adj. )-. 030" thick
8M 4673
Wick (driving pinion shaft oil seal)-1-9/16" I. D. x 2" O. D. x 1/4"
8M 4676-A
Seal assy (rear axle driving pinion oil)-1-9/16" I. D-reinf. lined
with leather-also coil spring around edge of leather
8L 4841-B
Knuckle assembly (universal joint)-front
LE 4841-A
Yoke & plug assy (universal joint slip)
LA 4851-A
Flange assembly (universal joint)-axle end
Locknut (hex)-3/4"-16
Washer (driving pinion nut)-25/32" I. D. x
1-1/2" O. D. x 1/8" thick
8M 4859
Deflector (driving pinion oil seal dust)
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