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This page is an index of archived earlier versions of some pages on The Old Car Manual Project.

Home Page Archive

These are snapshots of our home page as it appeared at various dates. The date shown is either the creation date for the page, or the date it was saved to this archive (because it was being replaced or updated). Some of the pages below were restored with the help of The Internet Archive,

Our policy is to not delete pages or materials once posted. This helps in the smooth functioning of the internet. Nothing worse than a broken link, I say!

However, things do inevitably get lost sometimes. Hopefully this archive will help address this problem, as well as providing an insight into the growth and development of The Old Car Manual Project.

May 30, 2016

August 20, 2015

September 17, 2011

September 26, 2010

July 23, 2008

April 28, 2008

Mar 20, 2007

Dec 1, 2006

Oct 26, 2006

Feb 1, 2005 (Internet Archive)

Feb 23, 2004

Nov 10, 2003

Oct 29, 2003

May 24, 2003

Feb 2, 2003

Dec 21, 2002

Oct 17, 2002 (Internet Archive)

Dec 1, 2001 (Internet Archive; missing some images)

June 4, 2001 (Internet Archive; missing some images)

March 17, 2001