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Corvette History:
1953 to 2000

1960 Dodge Dart Owner's Manual From Benny Melin, the 1960 Dart brochure and the 1960 Dodge Dart Owner's Manual.

1947 - 1954 GM Service Bulletins Ken Sluys of Bellingham, Washington has provided this unique collection of hundreds of pages of detailed tech info on GM vehicles, now online here.

1940's Newspaper ads Tom Ortega's unique collection of 1940's automotive newspaper ads. Click here to view.

1924 Chevrolet Owner's Manual (Canada) Scanned by Maxbarn from his personal collection, this rare publication is here.

More manuals...

1956 DeSoto: Charlie Ruggles of Arizona brings a very sharp scan of the '56 DeSoto brochure. Click here.

55-57 Chevy collection grows: Henk Smit sends the 1955 Chevrolet Accessories Booklet and the 1956 Chevrolet Accessories Booklet.

More fine brochures: From Maxbarn come the 1935 Ford, 1978 Canadian Pontiac and 1972 GM Full-line brochures.

More about 'Vettes: Heico has sent us a really nice scan of the 1969 Corvette brochure.

Chevies galore: 1957 Chevrolet Brochures (2 versions), 1957 Chevy Accessories Booklet and the history of Chevrolet: The Chevrolet Story (1951 Ed.) and The Chevrolet Story (1956 Ed.).

More radio ads: 1955 and 1957 Chevrolet radio spots, and a TV ad for Imperial.

New brochures: 1954 Chevrolet, 1951 Kaiser, Frazer and Henry J, 1956 Studebaker and 1942 Hudson, all from Henk Smit.

Chrysler Ads We've greatly expanded our collection of Chrysler ads with contributions from Maxbarn and others: Click here for the expanded Chrysler period pictures collection.

New brochures Here's a new batch of brochures from Henk Smit of the Netherlands: the 1952 Nash, 1959 Oldsmobile, 1960 Chrysler (Dutch language) 1961 Mercury Comet and 1968 Plymouth Barracuda


more old car brochures...

Ads from 1963
supplied by Tom Ortega

1963 Chevrolet ad

Autolite spark plugs

King Midget

more New Old Stuff

Here's an alphabetical list of people who have contributed to The Old Car Manual Project so far. A big thank-you to everyone!

Charles Buerkert Houston
Howard Cooper Calgary, Alberta

Adam & Nigel Daniels

Graham Fennie USA
Marcin Gorgolewski Poland
Kenneth Gundry San Francisco
Keith Hardy
Panama Beach, Florida
Heico Germany
Maxbarn Niagara Falls, Ontario
Fernando Marques Venezuela
Nicole MacArthur Florida
Benny Melin Sweden
Tom McDonald USA
Tom Ortega
Scottsdale, Arizona
Andre Pawlowsky Poland

Dennis Riffle

Kansas City, Missouri

Charlie Ruggles Arizona
Mike Schmitt Houston
Ken Sluys Bellingham, Washington

Henk Smit

The Netherlands

Fred Young Calgary

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updated May 24, 2003

Rochester Quadrajet Manual: All models, from 4MV to E4ME are covered here.

GM and Chevy Trucks: We've got more than 150 megabytes of brochures, thanks to Maxbarn, from 1964 to 1991, right here.

Photo album: Our photo album has been updated, with stories of Area 52 (in Sweden), an oddball Canadian '62 Pontiac and a Chrysler hearse restoration, among others.

1977 Cordoba: Another great Mopar brochure, from Charlie Ruggles. Click here.

A pair of fine '79 Mopars: From Charlie Ruggles of Arizona we feature the tasteful 1979 Cordoba and the functional 1979 Horizon, in brochure form.

Please support this site We are now able to accept PayPal donations. For information, or to contribute materials, click here.

Some general information:

What is "the Old Car Manual Project"?

The idea is to scan manuals for old, vintage or antique American vehicles and their components and make them available on the web, for free.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? But really - one of the hardest parts of restoring or servicing old machines is getting decent technical information. Often, it's difficult, impossible or expensive to obtain. We think that this kind of information should be freely available, as a public resource for the preservation of our industrial history.

Who are we?

We are some Guys Who Like Old Iron. We can be contacted here

Rochester Model B/BC carburetors The manual (1951) with some additional info on 1954-56 Chevy carbs is here.

The Cadillac Gap: Kris Bulla is supplying TOCMP with 1st-class wiring diagram scans. He's starting with 71-80 Caddys. Click here for the results.


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