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The Chevrolet Story: 1911-1951
Chevrolet Story

19587 Hudson wiring
wiring diagrams

1955 Lincoln brochure

1947 Fisher Body Product Service Bulletins
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updated November 10, 2003

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1946 Chevrolet Another great one is here: '46 Chevrolet Brochure

1946 Buick here's Jeff George's really nice scan of the '46 Buick Brochure

1959 Mercury Another great brochure form Henk Smit is here.

Police Cars From Mark C. come some great scans of some very rare publications: '60 Chevy Police Cars and '72 Plymouth Police Cars.

1952-1954 and 1956 Hudson Henk Smit sends some fine brochures belonging to one of Rusty's favourite makes: '52 Hudson, '53 and '54 Hudson and '56 Hudson.

Early Chevrolet Maxbarn sends a fine colection of rare scans of early Chevies: 1916 Chevrolet, 1918 Chevrolet V8, 1921 Chevrolet and the 1922 Chevrolet.

more old car brochures...

Previous feature: 1953-2000 Corvette history

New Old Stuff
"To survive, to be alive after an H-Bomb attack..."

From September, 1958:
Civil Defense Booklet

more New Old Stuff



Movie of the Month The collection of old car movies donated by Henk Smit is now found on the archive.org site; our index of movies is here. [Oct. 19, 2003]

1964 Plymouth radio ad Hear our collection of old radio, including a great '64 Plymouth spot (courtesy of Randolph Radio) here.

Changes to Movie of the Month Our collection of movies is moving to archive.org in the next few days. Soon, all the movies will be accessible online at once! Stay tuned. [Oct. 17, 2003]

1948 Plymouth Charles Hurst has a great collection of original literature that he's sending us - here's a starter: 1948 Plymouth brochure, warranty and radio diagrams. Also, check out What's New Since '42. [Oct. 9, 2003]

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Graham-Paige in Alaska This is the story of the epic trip across the Americas.


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Movie of the Month: The Corvair In Action
1950 Studebaker
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New Brochures

Catching up with Maxbarn Here are brochures for the 1946 Chrysler Town and Country,
1957 Eldorado Brougham ,

1972 Cadillac ,

1974 Corvette,
1975 Cadillac,
1989 Buick, and 1982 Chevrolet.

1949 Lincoln Jeff George has saved these since they were new, and now they're here for the world to see: 1949 Lincoln brochure

New Manuals

1957 Chevy Owner's Manual and Accessories booklet: Thanks to Ken Deatrick, Jr. we've got them here.

1960 Ford Owner's Manual Bill Schmickle sends this fine scan of the full-size Ford owner's manual. Click here.

1920-24 Buick and Apperson wiring diagrams From a 1925 collection, John Inge sends us these rare diagrams: click here

1968 Buick The owner's manual for the full-size '68 Buicks (Buick Electra 225, Wildcat, & LeSabre) is here, thanks to ThomasS: '68 Buick Owner's Manual

1950 Mercury Robert Lucas of oldhiways.com has donated this great scan of the 50 Mercury Owner's Manual. Click here.

Wiring Diagrams ZenX sends us diagrams for 1964 Ford Trucks from F100 to F750 here.

1954 Chevrolet Owner's Manual From Packard53, we've got a fine scan of the 1954 Chevrolet Car Owner's Manual.

Ford 6 cyl 1 bbl carb  The Ford Model 1100 carburetor was used on Ford trucks from 1961 to 1967. ZenX has kindly provided an exhaustive guide to F1 service here.


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