Movie of the Month: In My Merry Oldsmobile
(now located on

updated November 10, 2003

New: We've found a way to share these files without slowing down the rest of the site. The movies will now be found on We hope to eventually have the entire 8 GB collection online.

Here's our fifth MOTM, an animated feature about the Oldsmobile car, ca. 1931.

Our thanks go out to Henk Smit who sent us a fine collection of commercials and promo movies that we will be featuring, one at at time, each month. Also, thanks go out to FordPiet, who suggested sharing this material in this way. Federico Martinez of Uruguay told us about as a way to share the files without bogging down the rest of the site.

Please note: These movies are very large files in MPEG2 (DVD) format. To play these files you must have a software DVD player installed, which is usually the case if your computer has a DVD-ROM. If you don't have a DVD drive you may have to buy a software DVD player to view these files.

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In My Merry Oldsmobile
(179.3 MB)

Last month:

The Corvair In Action (171 MB )

Please follow the directions under the link "Download options" on the site

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