1948 Plymouth

updated November 11, 2003

Charles Hurst has a fine '48 Plymouth and some outstanding original literature to go with it. Here is his factory brochure, warranty and radio schematics. Not only that, but the rare (and expensive) What's New Since '42 booklet. Thanks, Chuck!

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Brochure: click on a thumbnail below to browse the brochure (scroll down for the warranty, radio info and What's New Since '42.)


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New Since '42: click on a thumbnail below to browse the brochure

Here are some remarks from Maxbarn on this one:
"The "What's New since '42" pamphlet is a dandy... I have been trying to figure out what year it represents, and as the styling for the 1946-1948 Plymouths was almost identical, it is quite hard to pin down. I have decided to file it as a 1946 pamphlet for the following reasons:

1. The title compares back to 1942. It wouldn't mean as much if there was already a 1946 and 1947 model.
2. The pamphlet refers to the 1945 world series, which would have been a recent headline catcher.
3. The pamphlet doesn't refer to smaller 15" tires, which were placed in 1948."

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