Updated February 21, 2024

How To Contribute

About Us1928 Oldsmobile Landau

The Old Car Manual Project is an online library of automotive, marine and industrial literature available free for everyone to use. We have been building this collection since 2000. More about how this got started is here.

Over the years there have been many contributors and editors. You'll see their names mentioned at various places throughout the several hundred thousand pages of the site. Rusty Petrovic continues to be the webmaster.

Sending Scans

If you have scanned materials to contribute, please contact rusty@oldcarmanualproject.com. You can email to us directly at that address. Files may be archived in a zip or equivalent file if you wish. Please do not e-mail any files greater than 8 MB. If the overall size is greater, split it into two or more e-mails.

Larger files can be sent to our Google Drive, or can be sent by ftp. Get in touch - we'll work it out.

We are looking for high quality scans, made with a flatbed scanner at 300 ppi or greater, in jpg or other format with minimal compression (maximum quality). The idea is to produce an archive that will be useful for many years to come. All files will be posted on the site in jpg format.

Supporting The Old Car Manual Project

Your donations of money, time or materials are appreciated. Please contact rusty@oldcarmanualproject.com if you have materials to contribute or would consider helping otherwise.

To make a cash donation, you may use one of the payment buttons below, or you can send directly to our PayPal account at rusty@oldcarmanualproject.com.