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updated November 15, 2012

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New manuals for cars and trucks are posted here.
All of them are free to view or download.

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1960-1972 Tune Up Specifications
1960-1972 Tune Up Specifications

1951 Dope-Master
The 1951 Dope-Master

1974 Disc Brake Manual
1974 Disc Brake Service Manual

1972 Mopar Disc Brake Service
1972 Mopar Disc Brake Service Roundup

Ford C6 Automatic
Ford C6 Automatic Training Handbook

You can understand women
You Can Understand Women (1955)

1954 Cadillac Shop Manual
1954 Cadillac Shop Manual

1955 Cadillac Shop Manual Supplement

1963 White Manual
1963 White Maintenance Manual

1953-73 Corvette Parts Illustrations
1953-1973 Corvette Parts and Accessories Catalog - Illustrations

1976 AMC Technical Service Manual

1973 Ford Parts Illustrations Manual
1973 Ford Parts Illustrations Manual

1940 LaSalle Operating Hints

1973 Ford Car Buying Made Easier
Car Buying Made Easier (Ford, 1973)
A step-by-step guide for the novice car buyer. Includes comprehensive information on 1973 Fords including prices.

1950 BF Goodrich Farm Tire Price List

1949 Waukesha Engines Operators Manual

1957-1963 Goodyear Double Eagle Ads

1962-1972 Buick Part Illustrations

1930 Durant Parts List
1930 Durant Repair Parts List

1956 Hydra-Matic Transmission Parts Catalog

Hydramatic Controlled Coupling Transmission Service Manual
covers: Oldsmobile Jetaway, Pontiac Strato-Flight, Cadillac Hydra-Matic Controlled Coupling, Nash and Hudson Flashaway

Turboglide Transmission Manual
Automatic transmission service manual: 1945-1965
includes: Jetaway, Turboglide, Torqueflite, Dynaflow, Cruise-O-Matic, Powerglide, Dual Range Hydramatic, Tempest, Two Speed Ford-O-Matic, Corvair Powerglide, Three Speed Hydramatic, Powerflite, Turbine 300 and Turbo HydraMatic

The (nearly) complete Rochester Carburetor Manual covering 1932-1980 Rochester carburetors (almost 3000 pages) has been made available by the fine folks at