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updated November 1, 2011


Nash LaFayette - the "Weather Eye" was a trade name for Nash Motors
first used in 1938 "Conditioned Air System"
Made in the spirit of Elegance of America!
28th  february 1942
Car: Nash LaFayette
Mr. GAVRIIL GAVRILITA, professional driver (since 1929 -19 years old) , his photo was found recently (23rd June 2010) in the house by me and it's my grandfather in 28th february 1942.
Concerning the ice (frozen mud), it is due to the low temperature during February month.
The picture is taken at the opening of the bridge (in the background of the photo ) over Nistru river from Tighina district ,at the north-east of Romania, situated at about 550 km from Bucharest.
On the back of the photo my Grandfather wrote : " Amintire de la Inaugurarea Podului de peste Nistru din Jud. Tighina- 28 Februarie 1942" ( " Memory from the opening of the bridge over Nistru from Tighina district-  28th february 1942" )
My Grandfather was born in 10th  December 1910 in the Chircaesti nearby of Tighina district. In  october 1928 he came in the capital of Romania Bucharest and subscribed at the school of professional drivers. The specialized courses were till november 1929 when he sustained the exams and obtained the driving licence for motobikes,cars and trucks ( A , B , C, categories). In 1941 my Grandfather obtained at the same school a diploma of  first class engineer mechanic-auto.
My grandfather owned also a Packard  (1939)  in '40s-'50s and a Chevrolet (Made in Poland 1939 ) in '70s -'80s.