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x 3-17/32
Automatic Transmissions -Continued
Plug (hex-hd)-1/8" pipe-trans. torus cover
Plug (hex-hd)-1/8" pipe-transmission case
Plug (hex-hd)-1/8" pipe-transmission front servo
Turbine assembly (converter)
Retainer (transmission torus check valve)
Bolt (hex-hd)-1/4"-28 x 1/2"-transmission
torus check valve retainer
Spring (trans. torus check valve)-1-37,/64" I. D.
Nut (hex)-7/8"-16-transmission main shaft
Washer (trans. main shaft nut lock)
Snap ring (transmission driven torus)
*PMC-7932-A Stator assembly (converter)
Washer (convertor stator thrust)
Bearing (trans. pilot)-Bronze-19/32" I. D.
x 1-3/32" O. D. x 3/4" long
*1 P-7940-B
Clutch assembly (converter stator)
Retainer (trans. pilot bearing)-Steel-39/64"
I. D. x 1-37/64" O. D. x 7/32" deep
Bolt (hex-hd)-5/16"-24 x 45/64"-torus cover
to flywheel
Lockwasher -5/16" -torus cover to flywheel
Retainer (converter stator clutch) -TPMB-7943-A
Gasket (flywheel to torus cover)-also serviced
in HAK-7086-B Kit
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