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1949-1961 Lincoln Manuals

Thanks to Mike Schmitt of Houston, Texas who has a 1954 Lincoln Capri (check out his website on this car), we have now online a rare set of manuals for this car.

Mike has sent us the very detailed manual covering power windows and power seats for the 1953 Lincoln as well as the air conditioning manual for the 1953 Lincoln car and the training manual for the 1953-1954 Lincoln Hydramatic transmission.

Click on the links below to view these manuals.

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1952-1955 Lincoln Chassis Parts Catalog

1953 Lincoln Air Conditioning Manual

1953 Lincoln Power Windows and Power Seats

1953-54 Lincoln Hydramatic training manual

1954-1961 Lincoln Parts and Labor

1954 Lincoln Engine Manual - Selective fit guide

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enlarge this 1954 Lincoln ad - medium size (110k)

enlarge this 1954 Lincoln ad (450k), suitable for high resolution printing


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