updated March 15, 2004
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Police car ads and brochures

Steve Markley, who is a retired Police Sgt. from the Metro Milwaukee area in Wisconsin, has saved a collection of police car brochures and other promotional literature. He has very generously agreed to scan them for the Old Car Manual Project, and we're proud to present them here. Thanks, Steve.

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1968 Plymouth Police car ads

1969 Plymouth Police car ads






1972 Plymouth Police car ads






1973 Mobile Patrol Roundup

Page 29.jpg (667kb) Page 30.jpg (686kb) Page 31.jpg (759kb) Page 32.jpg (689kb)
Page 33.jpg (628kb) Page 34.jpg (660kb) Page 35.jpg (687kb) Page 36.jpg (673kb)









1973 Ford Police brochure

Page 01.JPG (544kb) Page 02.jpg (936kb) Page 03.jpg (888kb) Page 04.JPG (748kb)
Page 5.jpg (914kb) Page 6.jpg (901kb) Page 7.jpg (774kb) Page 8.jpg (945kb)










1975 Ford Police brochure

Page 15.jpg (572kb) Page 15A.jpg (580kb) Page 17.jpg (275kb) Page 18.jpg (582kb)
Page 19.jpg (572kb) Page 20.jpg (253kb) Page 21.jpg (511kb) Page 22.jpg (488kb)
Page 24.jpg (559kb) Page 25.jpg (486kb) Page 26.jpg (747kb)  













1977 Pontiac Police brochure

Page 55.jpg (501kb) Page 56.jpg (498kb) Page 57.jpg (582kb) Page 58.jpg (481kb)
page 59.jpg (534kb) Page 61.jpg (608kb) Page 62.jpg (454kb)  










1978 Chevrolet Police brochure

Page 38.jpg (459kb) Page 39.jpg (397kb) Page 40.jpg (413kb) Page 41.jpg (370kb)
Page 42.jpg (405kb) Page 43.jpg (363kb) Page 44.jpg (398kb) Page 45.jpg (612kb)
Page 47.jpg (565kb) Page 48.jpg (407kb) Page 49.jpg (541kb) Page 50.jpg (269kb)
Page 51.jpg (375kb) Page 52.jpg (430kb) Page 53.jpg (540kb) Page 54.jpg (484kb)










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68 Chevrolet

77 Pontiac