updated May 7, 2008
The Old Car Manual Project: Old Iron Online
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Here's a partial listing of the Old Car Guys


Oleg Alexeev Russia
Hugo van Andel
Randy Baumann
Bluie Berryfield
Luiz Pedro Borgmann Porto Alegre City, Brazil
Attila Boros Budapest
Gilles Bouffard
Charles Buerkert Houston
Kris Bulla
Jack Burnett
Pär Carlsson Stockholm
Ashutosh Chauhan Lucknow, India
Howard Cooper Calgary, Alberta
Bob Cull
Adam & Nigel Daniels Israel 
Ken Deatrick, Jr.
James Donovan
John Dotter
Helmut Ducati
Donald Van Deusen
Craig A. Enz
Mikko Esala Finland
Graham Fennie USA
John Fischbeck
Eric Gampp
Jeff George Texas
Randy Glover
Felipe Gonzalez
Marcin Gorgolewski Poland
John Grieve  
Kaiser Vic Chicago
Kenneth Gundry San Francisco
Keith Hardy Panama Beach, Florida
Harold Burrows Tennessee 
Christian Harth Germany
Heico Germany
Blaine Hellman North Dakota
Gary Henry
Charles Hurst Connecticut
John Inge
Eric Johnson St. Louis, MO
Alexander Kulikov Tuapse, Russia
Gary Locke
Robert Lucas oldhiways.com
Max Magister
Federico Martinez Montevideo, Uruguay 
Maxbarn Niagara Falls, Ontario 
Fernando Marques Venezuela
Nicole MacArthur Florida
Benny Melin Sweden
Tom McDonald USA
Mike New York
Mark Murphy
Bjørn Søgaard Nielsen Denmark
Howard Nourse California
Alexander Novikov Moscow
Mark Olson USA
Scott Olson USA
Tom Ortega Scottsdale, Arizona
Stefan Ory France
Andre Pawlowsky Poland
Tom Petroff Fairview Heights, Illinois
Randolph Radio
Dennis Riffle Kansas City, Missouri
Dusan Ristic-Petrovic Edmonton, Canada
Bob Robb
Dennis Roell
Charlie Ruggles  Arizona
Bob Rugh
Antonio Portes Santos Venezuela
Bill Schmickle
Henk Schaatsbergen The Netherlands
Mike Schmitt Houston
Joe Skinner
Ken Sluys Bellingham, Washington
Henk Smit The Netherlands
Mauricio Sosa Argentina
Edwin Storm The Netherlands
Bill Van Nostrand Iowa
Rick Veber Brantford, Ontario
John Vernon Ontario, Canada
Bill Weeden Brodhead, WI
Andrzej Wolfarth Krakow, Poland
Fred Young Calgary


How to contribute materials:

Scanned pages look best at 150 dpi or greater. We can handle pretty much any image format, but usually jpeg is best. Remember to save jpegs with minimal compression (highest quality). We're not worried about large files. However, if you've got more than 10 megabytes to send, it's best to use FTP (see below).

There are a few ways to send scans:

1) by email to rusty@oldcarmanualproject.com

2) by ftp to our public upload-only site: email us for login info

3) CD-ROM by snail mail: email us for the address

How to help pay for the site:

You can make a donation using PayPal here:

Or you can buy a copy of one of our DVDs: click here for more information

Please contact us if you wish to donate or purchase a DVD using a money order.

Thanks very much to all the Old Car Guys who help to make this site possible!