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1954 Ford Service Letters and Bulletins - Index

This item consists of most of the Service Letters for 1954, as well as some from late 1953 and early 1955.


  1. 1952-1954 Lincoln Engine (54-G-3)
  2. 1954 Mercury & Monarch Repair and Adjustment Information (54-G-5):
    Front suspension, brakes and Steering; engine
  3. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-8):
    Pre-delivery cylinder head bolt torque check; pre-delivery inspection (700-800 series trucks);
    servicing 279 and 317 CI truck engines; fuel level adjustment: 1954 Mercury, Monarch & Lincoln
  4. 1954 Mercury & Monarch Repair and Adjustment Information (54-G-9): Fuel System
  5. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-12):
    Ford and Meteor brakes; application of wood grain transfers: station wagons; electric windshield
    wiper installation; camshaft replacement
  6. 8 Cylinder 239 Cubic Inch (EBU) Engine (54-G-13): 1954 Ford 4-Door Station Wagon (Country Squire)
  7. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-14):
    Convertible rear curtain, 1953-115" Sunliner; Cylinder head: EBY-6049-D, 1954 Mercury and Monarch
  8. Lincoln Hydramatic Transmission (54-G-15)
  9. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-16):
    Heavy duty brake fluid; power brakes; clutch discs and pressure plates: USA and Canadian designs; speedometer noise
  10. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-17):
    Care of Country Squire panelling; convertible top mechanism adjustment - 1954 cars
  11. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-18):
    Repairing instrument panel and front door window garnish moulding transfers - 1954 Lincoln Capri;
    Oil filter cartridge replacement - 1954 Mercury & Monarch; engine performance - 1954 239 CI engine
  12. Power Windows (54-G-19)
  13. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-20):
    Installation of flywheel or clutch housing; valve lash adjustment
  14. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-21):
    Convertible top lift mechanism (1953 cars); the art of matching colour with a spray gun
  15. Rear Axle Assembly Banjo Housing Hypoid Series 500 & 600 (54-G-22)
  16. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-23):
    Roof sunshade kit; rear lamp lens 1952, 1953, 1954 Lincoln
  17. Automatic Transmission Linkage Adjustment (54-G-24):
    1951-1954 cars and trucks
  18. Automatic Transmission Linkage Adjustment, 6 Cylinder Cars and Trucks (54-G-25)
    Automatic linkage adjustment; throttle linkage; spark plugs; wheel leaks
  19. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-26):
    Throttle linkage adjustments, 1951-54 Mercury and Monarch cars
  20. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-27):
    New control heater air regulator; polishing deep scratches out of plexiglass roof; coupling shaft - tandem axle truck
  21. Miscellaneoud Items (54-G-28):
    Tappet replacement; electric seat, window and top motors (wiring diagrams)
  22. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-29):
    1954 automatic transmission; quiet items; headliner
  23. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-30):
    Carburetor depopper valve, 256, 279 and 317 cubic inch; quiet items, 1954 cars
  24. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-32):
    Cylinder block, head and head gasket combinations for 1954 239 engines; new carburetor - 1954 Lincoln, Mercury and Monarchs; quiet items
  25. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-33):
  26. Lubricant capacity change, auxilliary transmission, series 700-800 tandem; ten "musts" for a successful engine overhaul
  27. Miscellaneous Items (54-G-54):
    Power brakes, Ford and Meteor Cars, 1954; new carburetor assembly, 1954 Ford Country Squire
  28. 6 Cylinder 215 Cubic Inch Engine: 1953 Trucks (53-G-14)
  29. Dealers Special Service Letter: Ford Monarch Bulletin # 16:
    Intermediate and high gear jumpout, 1955 cars; "dogtracking" 115" cars; radio reception, 1955 cars
  30. Miscellaneous Items (55-G-6):
    Engine wear pattern; power window operation, 1955 Thunderbird; water leaks in top back convertible curtain

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