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Fluid (brake)-heavy duty-5 gal. can Radiator stop leak-10 oz. --_ -
Polishes, Cleaners, Etc. - (Continued)
8L 19534-A
Wax (body)-8 oz. cans
D 19534-A
Wax (body)-Blue Coral-80 grams
BD 19534-B
Wax (body)-Blue Coral-227 grams
BS 19534-A
Wax (body)-8 oz. can
HACA 19542- A
Fluid (brake)-heavy duty-pt.
HACA 195
Fluid (brake)-heavy duty-gal.
HACA 19542-E
8H 19544-A
Anti-freeze (permanent)-gal.
8H 19544-C
Anti-freeze (permanent)-qt.
8M 19544-A
Anti-freeze (type N)-gal.
8M 19544-B
Anti-freeze (type N)-54 gallon drum
_ _
MB 19544-A
Anti-freeze (methyl alcohol)-1 gal. can
MB 19544-B
Anti-freeze (methyl alcohol)-55 gal. drum
8L 19545-A
Fluid (window regulator)-pt.
8H 19546-A
Inhibitor (cooling system rust)-pt.
8L 19550-A
Solution (W/S washer}-6 oz.
8L 19552-A
Cement (Rubber)-5 oz.
8M 19554-A
Sealer (compound)-16 oz.
8M 19554-B
Sealer (compound)-case of (12) 16 oz, cans
8L 19558-A
8M 19560-B
Kit (caulking strip)-carton (80 ft. )
8L 19575-A
Grease (distributor)-4 oz, tube
8L 19575-B
Grease (distributor)-case of (12) 4 oz, tubes
LA 19578-A
Lubricant (steering gear)-20 oz. tube
LA 19581-B
Lubricant (rear axle Hypoid)-1001b. drum
8L 19582-A
Fluid (Automatic transmission and power
steering)-54 gal. drum
8L 19582-B
Fluid (Automatic transmission and power
steering)-5 gal. can
8L 19582-C
Fluid (Automatic transmission and power
steering)-1 qt. can
8L 19582-E
Fluid (Automatic transmission and power
steering)-1 gal. can
8L 19585-A
Grease (wheel bearing)-5 lb. can
8L 19586=A~
Lubriplate-waterproof-2 oz. tube
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