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Cross Reference Index showing Engineering Part Numbers which have been converted to *Ford P & A Part
Numbers are listed numerically on pages VIII and IX. The Ford P & A Part Numbers appear in numerical sequence
throughout the Catalogue and the corresponding Engineering Part Number is shown in the nomenclature opposite
the Ford P & A Part Number preceded by the symbol ® which indicates corresponding Engineering Part Number.
Example: B2Q-9438-A
Spacer (exhaust manifold to cyl hd)- ® EAD-99437-A
Attaching parts such as bolts, screws, clamps, etc. are listed below the part with which they are used. All
standard bolts, screws, etc. are listed numerically on page 386.
Special bolts, screws, washers, etc. which are other than standard are listed numerically on page 390. For rapid
identification of parts for assemblies, such as, Steering Column Gear Shifts, Carburetors, Generators, Voltage
Regulators, Starters, etc. parts have been listed in chart form. When referring to these charts, it is essential to first
determine which assembly requires the replacement, then refer to the chart and select the part or parts wanted.
For example: A Pressure Distributor Ball is required for a Lincoln Cosmopolitan, with a Carburetor
having a Spark Control Valve.
(1) Refer to the numerical listing of Carburetor Assembly (basic number 9510) which is shown
on page 193 and note that the part number of a Carburetor used on a Lincoln Cosmopolitan
with Spark Control Valve is EAD-9510-D.
(2) Refer to Carburetor Chart, page 206 and note that the part number of a Pressure
Distributor Ball used with EAD-9510-D Carburetor is EAD-99547-A, the wanted part.
The driver's side is the left hand side of the vehicle and governs such parts as fenders, lamps, etc. as to whether a
part is right hand or left hand.
Illustrations throughout this catalogue are for a particular model, however, the basic part numbers ore applicable to
practically all models.
When ordering parts always give full part number and name of each part. Also specify how shipments are to be
made, Freight, Express or Parcel Post.
The Ford P&A Port Number affects Ford controlled Ports only. These parts will include many 5 digit Part
Numbers which have been converted to 4 digit Port Numbers so that they may be easily located in their
intended group.
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