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4. Turn low pressure valve, located on front fender
apron, and high pres-sure valve located on
condenser, in the clockwise direction 1-1/2 turns.
Use Tool - ACL53-5. Both pressure gauges of the
Pressure Test Gauge Manifold, Tool - ACL53-3
will read neutral system pressure (approximately 5 0
- 7 5 P.S.I. at an outside air temperature of
approximately 70
- 75
). See figure 26. NOTE: If
the system pressure is low, or there is no pressure,
this step may be omitted.
10. Remove four hex head screws securing
evaporator to floor pan.
11. Remove evaporator assembly, with R. H. blower
assembly attached, from luggage compartment.
1. Remove evaporator assembly ac-cording to
procedure under "Removal of Evaporator
5o Disconnect R. H. Blower wires by pulling bullet
connectors apart.
2. Remove inspection cover wing nuts and remove
inspection cover.
Remove flexible duct tube from L. H. blower at
evaporator and move over to left side of
luggage compartment.
3. Remove three screws securing evaporator box
side shield to box. Re-move side shield.
8. Using Tool - ACL53-7, disconnect low pressure
tube at evaporator and cap tube and fitting.
9. Disconnect high pressure tube at fitting on left
hand side of evaporator with Tool - ACL53-6 and
cap both fittings. See figure 27.
Roll back rubber shield on low pressure tube
and remove clamp holding capillary tube to low
pres-sure line.
4. Remove air filter.
5. Invert evaporator assembly and remove the three
screws on each side holding base to the sides of
Lift off the base and remove evaporator core,
expansion valve, and sight gauge assembly. See
figure 28.
7. Remove tape holding capillary tube to high
pressure tube.
Remove short section of high pres-sure tubing
from sight gauge with Tool - ACL53-6. Cap
both ends of tube and the sight gauge fitting.
9. Remove sight gauge from expansion valve and
cap both fittings.
Fig. 27. Evaporator Installed in
Luggage Compartment
10. Remove expansion valve from evaporator core,
and cap both fittings.
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