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damage radiator core or condenser outlet tube.
2. Secure condenser to condenser bracket with four
cap screws - two each side.
3. Remove caps from condenser outlet tube and
high pressure line to receiver.
Using new
copper seals, connect tubes and tighten fitting,
using Tool - ACL53-6.
If the receiver tank is removed or replaced, it is
recommended that the dehydrator assembly
replaced also. For this reason both assemblies are
included in this removal procedure. It is possible to
replace the dehydrator assembly without removing
the receiver. See "Removal" and "Installation of
Dehydrator Assembly".
4. Remove caps from flexible high pressure hose
attached to compressor, and high pressure valve
fitting. Connect hose to high pres-sure valve using
new seal and tighten fitting with Tool - ACL53-7.
1. Install Pressure Test Gauge Manifold, Tool -
ACL53-3, and exhaust system by following steps
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 under "Removal of Condenser
Assembly, with Modulator Valve and High
Pressure Valve Attached".
5. Remove caps from by-pass hose and modulator
valve fitting. Connect hose to modulator valve
using new seal and tighten fitting with Tool -
2. Disconnect low pressure tube at receiver, using
Tool - ACL53-7, and cap both receiver and tube
6. Connect Bowden cable wire to manual control
on condenser modulator valve. With instrument
panel selector half way between cold and warm,
manual cam lever on modulator valve should be at
to the valve body. Tighten modulator valve
bracket set screw, locking cable housing in position.
Check opening of valve by moving selector lever to
7. Install new dehydrator assembly. See "Removal"
and "Installation of Dehydrator Assembly".
8. Pressure test, evacuate and charge system. See
"Pressure Testing, Evacuating and Charging
9. Test for leaks.
3. Disconnect high pressure tube to evaporator at
dehydrator, and cap tube and fitting. Use Tool-
4. Remove four bolts securing the receiver mounting
bracket to the floor pan and remove
dehydrator and receiver assembly. See figure
Fig. 25. Dehydrator and Receiver Assemblies
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